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Betta Lifestyles provide quality data cable installation services to ensure that your set up is not only reliable but has the capability to service your current and future office requirements.


All of our data and voice cabling technicians take the time to ensure the needs and requirements for your business are met and comply to all Australian standards.



In Queensland, there are more than 1250 residential fires a year resulting in an average of 16 deaths and 145 injuries. 78% of all home fire deaths occur in homes without smoke alarms and almost 50% of deaths occur between 12am-8am while people are sleeping. Proper installation of smoke alarms TRIPLES the chances of the residence surviving.


History has taught us that the best way to fight a fire is to prevent a fire. A house that has smoke alarms properly fitted and tested makes a Fire Fighters job easier too. If the alarm goes off in the event of a fire, the people in the property are more likely to get out. The fire brigade is called sooner and the damage to the property and household items can be minimised greatly.



We are able to satisfy all of your TV reception and antenna installation requirements from small domestic antenna installations to large commercial building installations. We ensure that you have the most clear and constant reception and are able to help with the following Antenna services.

  • Digital TV reception

  • Digital TV problems

  • Multiple Access TV system installation

  • TV antenna cabling

  • Digital TV installations and upgrades

  • Digital set top boxes

  • Signal amplifiers

  • Extra TV points

  • Reception problem trouble shooting

  • Installation and tuning of plasma, LCD, DVD and surround sound


Test and Tag is a method of ensuring compliance with Australian WHS and Electrical Safety regulations and workplace safety.


During the process of testing and tagging, each appliance is carefully visually inspected by a technician for damage to flex, connections, guards, covers and plug by a competent technician. Once the technician is assured the item is safe to electrically inspect, the item’s insulation, earthing and polarity may be tested to ensure it is electrically safe. 


In order to comply with WHS legislation and satisfy your duty of care, all workplaces Australia-wide must be able to demonstrate safe systems of work; as such detailed records of the test are kept by the technician.

Testing and tagging has been implement